Courses Offered

Principles of AQEEDAH

Students will cover concepts such as the existence of Allah, pillars of faith, and the oneness of Allah in worship.


Student will cover concepts such as conditions of purification, conditions of prayers, and their respective nullifiers.

Al-Quran with TAFSIR

Students will learn different translations of surahs in Juzz Amma with a deeper understanding that reflects their modern world.


Students will dive into the life of the Arabian Peninsula before Islam, the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the influence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) within the Arabian Peninsula, influence of Muhammad (PBUH) on the the different facets of life.

Fundamentals of HADITH

Students will receive an introductory understanding into the sciences of Hadith, the process of compiling Hadith, the actionable items taken from those Hadiths.

Purification of the soul TAZKIAH

Students will learn concepts such as self-reflection, good character/etiquette, becoming closer to Allah, and good companionship.